PreHD Black

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PRE-HD BLACK is a hard hitting, fast acting, stim driven pre workout designed for the adrenaline junkies and stim enthusiasts at heart.  PRE-HD BLACK combines a strong combination of highly dosed sensory enhancing ingredients to provide unrivaled energy, focus and drive for an unparalleled workout experience.

When it came to formulating PRE-HD BLACK we knew a choice often has to be made between achieving the levels of energy and focus a high-stimulant product provides or the beloved muscle pump due to the fact higher stimulant levels can lead to vaso-constriction causing less blood flow to working muscles. We took this into account when designing our formulation and provide a solution to this problem by focusing on specific muscle hydrating, blood flow enhancing and nitric oxide producing properties to deliver some of the greatest muscle pumps and fullness experienced with a high stimulant product delivering:

  • Mind altering energy and endurance
  • Fuller and denser muscle pumps and hydration
  • Heightened focus and alertness
  • Dialed in intensity
  • Euphoric sensory experience